We have a large range of products for Husky owners to browse through and enjoy.   Please contact us if you have a specific request and we will try to help you.

T Shirts

We have a great range of Husky and Sled Dog T shirt designs... These are also available printed onto Hoodies.


We have a great range of Husky and Sled Dog Hoody designs... These are also available printed onto T shirts.


We have the largest range of cut vinyl and printed Husky and Sled Dog Decals.

The cut vinyl decals do not have a background colour (this comes from whatever you place the decal onto)

Most decals can be paired for vehicle placement  ( so when ordering 2 , where possible, will pair for vehicle placement) The decals will be cut for external vehicle placement.

Our smaller printed decals are for external vehicle placement.

Our larger digital printed decals are available in an, un laminated finish or laminated finish (for protection against scratches and abrasions)


We have a large variety of etched glasses, all of which are dish washer safe.

Our glasses are an excellent gift idea!